Linking Up

31 days (2)

What’s a Linky and Why Should I Link Up?

A link up is simply a way for bloggers to share their posts using a special tool instead of all of us trying to leave a “link” to our posts in a comment section. We use a special linky plugin/tool that pulls an image (button) and allows us to write a few words about our posts (or in this case our 31 Days topic).

Do you have to link up? No, but if you want to share your topic with others, we’d love for you to join us by linking up so others can find your posts.


Let’s Talk about Categories

We have severeal categories that are listed in the dropdown menu above (under “The Links”). The link tool will go live on October 1st sometime between 8 and 10 am EST in each individual category. Choose the one category that’s the best fit for your topic. There is no perfect fit, usually, the more honed in and specific the topic, the more difficult it is to pick a category, that’s okay, it just helps us not to have 2000 buttons all listed on one page.

So, if you are writing a 31 Day Series on peanut butter cookies (yum!) your category would most likely be “Food, Health & Wellness.” Don’t think because it has “health and wellness” in the title that it has to be only healthy things!In order to not have 100 different categories, we are lumping lots of things together like food, health and wellness. You get to decide where you think people interested in your topic would click to look for something like the topic you are writing about.


Pick JUST ONE category that BEST fits you. The categories are BROAD, like a huge funnel. So if you are talking about grocery shopping then you are in the Food category. Homeschool topic=Family category. I will not be judging anyone or deleting anything because it’s in the ‘wrong’ category. No worries there. Pick what seems like the best fit. Only link up with ONE category. Multiples will be deleted, I look at the back end to delete–so I’ll be looking at the landing pages for duplicates, don’t worry if someone has your same title – that isn’t cause for being deleted.

You will only need to link up ONE time throughout the entire 31 Day Challenge, not every day. ONCE, so be thoughtful of what type of post you want people to land on when they click your button. It could be a “Welcome to Such and Such 31 Days” Post. It doesn’t have to be your first day’s post, but it can be. Again, if you are confused, click on 10 or so topics from past years to see different ways people did it and what would work for you.

Why Permalinks Matter

Do not link up with your home page–use a permalink, remember, link to the place you want newcomers looking for your 31 Days posts to land forevermore–even next July.

Home page links will be deleted. Practice linking up here, find out what a permalink is here. I will not be able to edit your button, topic or wording for you, so sorry! Links will close on October 5th, and we reserve the right to remove any link that is considered spammy or questionable in any way. Hope to see you in October! Follow the #Write31Days hashtag for up to the minute announcements.


Duplicate Entries

Simply pick one category and link up once and you are done. Duplicate entries will be deleted. How do I find duplicates? At the special website that hosts the linky, I can see all the permalinks, if two are the same that tells me there’s a duplicate. Also, if I see two identical buttons that seem to link to the same thing–that’s a duplicate.

If for some reason you are joining with 20 friends and each writing for 1.5 days for 31 Days (not recommended and it defeats the whole purpose of this challenge) you cannot link up 20 separate times–just link up once. One link per topic. If you are joining with one friend and each writing together but with a separate topic, be sure you use two different buttons–otherwise, me and everyone else will assume the two identical buttons only represent one topic and the second button won’t get clicked (1. because it will look like a double 2. because I’ll delete it).


Ready to link up?

Link ups are open from 8am EST October 1st through 11:55pm EST October 5th. Click “The Links” in the top navigation, scroll down and choose a topic, click it, scroll to the bottom and add your link (after you have practiced of course!)


PS, please do not worry about whether or not someone has written on your topic before. Because, yes, they have. And they will in the future. This is not about coming up with a perfect topic that no one has ever heard of before. This is about accepting a challenge. This is about falling back in love with writing. This is about being afraid and saying yes anyway. This is about encouraging others with something you’ve been through or taking that first step into learning something new.

There are a million little topics you could write about. Or, even if we all chose the exact same topic we would all say so many different things about it because there are a million little ways to say the same thing. I hope you don’t back out because of fear. You can do this!