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How do I join?

Anyone can join, simply enter your email address on the sidebar and you’ll be added to the list of 31 Dayers, come back on October 1st – October 5th and link up, and you’re in! Then the hard part begins–publish a post every day for 31 Days!

Do I have to have a blog to join?

It’s highly recommended! Part of the fun of this challenge is the ability to link-up your series and find new bloggers to follow. If you don’t already have a blog, head over to the “Resources” page for some helpful links to get you started!

I’d like to partner with 31 Days – how do I do that?

We love to offer resources and tools to our writers to encourage and help them as they take on this challenge. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page & complete the form to submit your partnership inquiry.

Can I correct my own link-up entry?

If you linked up incorrectly, no worries. You can send us a message with your category name and what number you are in the link-up and we can delete it for you.

Why did my link-up entry get deleted?

We delete duplicate entries. We reserve the right to delete any topic that we feel is disrespectful to others ( eg: 31 Days of Poisoning My Next Door Neighbor). We delete entries that focus on selling a product or that aren’t truly writing for 31 Days. You linked to a previous year’s series, please just link to THIS year’s series.

Can I write with another person?

Of course, but, if you are tag teaming and writing one series together, please only link up ONE time.

What if someone has already done my topic?

They have! Yippie, that probably means lots of people would like to read about it. Go for it anyway!

I signed up but never got the confirm email.

Yes, we use MadMimi & can see that over 400 people have signed up but their email is unconfirmed.  We have an exact time that the confirmation email was sent to every one of those 400 people. Maybe you are one of them? First, check your spam, trash, junk mail. Most confirmation emails were sent out within 5 minutes of signing up. Every now and then there’s an inbox that simply doesn’t play nice with our email service. So sorry about that.

If you’ve searched your spam and other folders, try to resubscribe. If it still doesn’t work, you can still link up, you just won’t get the emails (really want the emails? Send us a message with the contact form below & let us know what email address you signed up with and we’ll see what we can do!). We have an email that will go out on Wednesday with linking info, we’ll also post that in the Facebook group so be sure to join in there if you weren’t able to confirm.

What’s a button, & how do I make one?

The button we refer to when we talk about linking up is a square graphic that will be seen in a 125 x 125 square pixel size on the link up pages. To find out more about buttons, visit the Resources page for some helpful links on how to create a button yourself!

I linked up incorrectly HELP!

We’ll do our best to help. First, hover over your link and see if you see a little trashcan, if so click it, it will delete your link and you can relink. If you don’t see the trashcan, try to use another browser (firefox, safari). As a last resort you can email us (only at the email below, we cannot respond to tweets, Facebook messages, skywriting about changing a link), but depending on the number of incorrect/delete requests we get, we can’t promise we can get to it super-flash-fast. If you have to email us to request a change, give us every information about your incorrect link: Category, link number, link name.

Don’t panic, the links will stay open until October 5th!

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Help, I have a crazy issue and my question isn’t answered here!

First, check out our Facebook Community, your question might be answered there, if not, we’re happy to help! Just fill out the contact form below.